40 things you didn’t know about me

40 things you didn’t know about me

J. Gaspar de Alba

1.- I have drank Judas Beer… TWICE!
2.- My last job in Madrid was Chief of photographers and columnist at Europeanvibe Magazine.
3.- I realized a few months ago that the SMURFS are named after capital sins… Gargamel was a monk trying to eliminate them… no wonder why we all are sinners.
4.- I am the youngest manager of the company where I work.
5.- In fourth grade, I had to wear tights in front of the entire school for a play. I was taunted about it until eighth grade. If I ever see Miss Margarita, the teacher, on the street, I will not hesitate to push her in front of the nearest speeding bus.
6.- I’m still working on that whole lefty-loosey, righty-tighty thing.
7.- My first kiss was a girl named Tatiana. We were by the pool, and her brother tricked me into kissing Tatiana’s twin sister Edna.
8.- At Boy Scout camp one summer, I wore my swimsuit for an entire week straight. Even to bed.
9.- I would love to fake a marriage proposal in a restaurant to see if I could get free dinner.
10.- I fell in love with a girl named Isabel via the Internet in 2002.

11.- I have fired a shotgun, and was horrible at it.
12.-I became an Eagle Scout at the age of 14.
13 is my lucky number
14.- My favorite song of all time is “November Rain” by Guns ‘N Roses.
15.- I started drinking coffee when I was 11 years old, and drank so much in one week that it dried out every inch of my skin.
16.- I have been in love four times.
17.- I can’t avoid checking myself out in a passing reflective surface, just to make sure everything’s tip-top.
18.- I can be very anxious around women that I am attracted to..
19.- I can eat 3 Double Stuf Oreos at a time.

20.- I want to own a motorcycle.
21.- I love it when girls have to get up on their tiptoes to kiss me.
22 is how old I was when I moved to Europe.
23.- I want to own a Saint Bernard.
24.- The first live concert I ever attended was Bryan Adams.
25.- I have three friendships that have somehow managed to bridge all of the gaps since we were in first grade.
26.- I want to be a contestant on Survivor.
27.- I had a Knight Rider bike with training wheels when I was learning to ride.
28.- I love it when girls say “Awww” and I have no fucking idea why.
29.- I held the national record for bale throw in 1996.
30.- I have been drunk in 15 different countries.

31.- One of my ex-girlfriends is dating a woman 20+ years older than her.
32.- I can cook a champagne breakfast that would blow your mind off.
33.- I was caught streaking out of a party… sober….
34.- I was almost arrested in Madrid once for holding a fallen branch as a flag… and I still don’t know why…
35.- I was kissed by three girls in one night… all of their names started with C.
36.- I have never seen a game of hockey on TV, even the fact that I work in a Cable Network that owns a sports channel.
37.- I learnt how to read and write when I was 4 ¾ according to my mom.
38.- Green is my favourite colour… Blue when it comes to clothing and red when it comes to cars.
39.- I can type faster than anyone I know.
40.- An ex-girlfriend of mine once published some nude photos of mine in her blog as a revenge… she only got her best friend to date me…